The app that reveals all your neighbours' secrets...

The app that reveals all your neighbours' secrets...

Knock knock 
Who's there? who? who's next door to you  

I'm not sure that works - must have been a long week. Anyway I know what you're talking about. It's Facebook for your neighbourhood. I just joined. And let me tell you, no-one's talking about Brexit  
That's what makes Nextdoor the world's fastest growing private social network for neighbourhoods. It launched in the US in 2011, came to the UK in 2016 and is going into Italy and Spain this month. Their mission is to build "stronger communities" and "happier and more meaningful lives".   
Which means more recommendations for plumbers. And builders. And less old junk. Its buy and sell column is riveting - almost more addictive than Instagram   
Like what?
In my 'hood someone's selling a piece of framed Guatemalan tribal clothing for £180, a memory foam mattress topper for £20 (unused?), free loamy soil and a four-piece drum kit of £49.
You have fascinating neighbours. With just $250 million of investment, the site has more than 200,000 neighbourhoods like yours across the US, Germany, France, the Netherlands and now Italy and Spain. 

So it's a true snapshot of local life? I love reading about Diana who needs her wobbly door handle fixed - she's got £20 to spend - and Polly who wants shot of her copper pans for £40. 
Less true snapshot, more a site for “concerned” white middle-class people apparently. It came in for criticism in the US for racist postings under its crime and safety column.  
Can't see anything like that. But Andrew from Portobello Road got his car hit by an Alfa Romeo that zoomed off. Cops were so not bothered but he got loads of free legal advice from fellow Nextdoor-ers. (Anita says she'll "keep an eye out".)
That's because it's become the new Neighbourhood Watch, recently described on Medium as having "an instant, built-in trust level. Everyone knows that everyone else on it lives only a stone's throw away, it is deliberately not anonymous".

Agreed, these people will put their names to the most inane problems - Amy from Ladbroke Grove wrote a long diatribe about not being able to get American red delicious apples "like we used to". 

Surely Trump's to blame!

Hey Nextdoor is a politics-free zone remember - for do-gooders and cranky people who lose their cats, want Spanish tutors and are trying to sell the unsellable. Like me. 

PS: If that sounds like you too, signing up to Nextdoor means giving your real name and verifying your home address here. Conversations are only accessible to verified neighbours in your neighbourhood - and can't be Googled.