Will this watch turn you into a tech hypochondriac?

Will this watch turn you into a tech hypochondriac?

Will this watch turn you into a tech hypochondriac?

The new Apple Watch with its in-built electrocardiogram? Not me. But I know people who could be turned.      
Which is why this Series 4 watch, targeting ageing worried-well baby boomers, was the star of Apple's big reveal in Cupertino last week.   

How the heck do they fit an electrocardiogram into a watch?  
There's an electrode in the 'crown' (winder), which when touched creates a connection with your wrist, allowing a heart measurement. Magic! The software is still being fine-tuned but it's had FDA clearance.  

Insane. It also certainly looks cooler than the last one. What else does it do?

Sends high/low heart rate notifications, screens for heart rhythm irregularities and detects falls (using an accelerometer and gyroscope), prompting the watch to call the emergency services if you fall and fail to move after 60 seconds.  

It calls up our creaking NHS ambulance service? No way.
In theory. The medical profession here are kicking up a stink because they say it'll create new tech hypochondriacs who'll burden our beleaguered services.

Health and tech - a clash of massive egos, for sure. What do the docs actually say? 

That they probably won't accept Apple's medical data, according to Aiden Doherty, a leading expert in health devices from Oxford University. They'll want their own tests.

What else could possible go wrong with getting heart readings on tap?  

Predator doctors, apparently. "The unscrupulous of our profession could prey on the fears of patients, convincing them that treatment is necessary, where it is not,” added Doherty. And the risk of misdiagnosis. 

Oh. But it really does look lovely and may save my life. How much? *crosses fingers* 
From £399. Hey, you now sound like you're actually believing Apple's "part guardian, part guru" sell. 

I srsly need both a guardian and guru in my life - sold! 
And I thought the lady's not for turning.

PS: But what happens when you have to take it off and charge it every night?

In Apple world, nothing bad happens to your heart between midnight and 6am. Evidently.