8 good reasons to give up Uber – and why you never will

8 good reasons to give up Uber – and why you never will

1.  It lies.  Not big little lies, but big, big lies. Like concealing for a year that hackers stole data from 57 million riders and drivers. (You could be one of them).  Then paying $100,000 in ransom for the stolen information to be destroyed.

2.  It’s been uber bad before. A crooked culture of workplace sexual harassment and hiring lawbreakers drove out CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick in June. 

3. Its new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi announced only this month eight new “cultural norms” to be adopted by the company.  Norm No 4: “We do the right thing. Period.”  Like paying off criminals. And employing them. 


4. Uber still rules London’s roads, despite Transport for London deeming it “unfit” to run a taxi service in September and refusing to renew its licence. Uber appealed, obvs, and London’s Mayor this week said the legal tug-of-war “could go on for years”.
Winners = lawyers. Natch. 

5.  Two words. Surge pricing. Researchers at the University of Warwick this year discovered Uber drivers gang up on us by logging out at the same time, tricking the app into thinking there are fewer cabs. Ergo surge prices. Mean.  

6.   Uber POOL is not so cheap, peeps.  Sharing your odyssey with strangers heading in vaguely the same direction can cost just 10% less than a normal ride at peak times.  Riders and drivers hate it. (Talking of hates, NEVER look at ‘Your Trips’ on the app. *wails.)    

7.  We’re getting granular here but it’s almost 2018 and there’s still no built-in option for multi stops guys!  Picking up a friend en route defies this clever app. I mean. So annoying. (And a round trip? Totally beyond it).    


8.  The mini rip-offs.  When they refuse to wait a few minutes extra. Or when  your Uber POOL driver cruises by you and then refuses to pick up your outraged call.  Then charges you £5 for a no show. Grr. 

 PS If you drive a Prius,  everyone thinks you’re an Uber driver.  A perfect stranger got into the back of my v old (v dirty) Prius just last week.  No kidding. She didn’t even say sorry. Just got out with her face still in her phone.


… and why you never will 

   1. It’s easy.  And you can’t bear the tube again. And Uber POOL late at night can be mobile theatre.

But mostly it’s just easy.  


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