The iPhone X

The iPhone X

5 Reasons to buy…

1. The camera. It’s vertical, has two lenses, a fancy flash and will take the best selfie known to man. In 3D.

2. The snapchat filters are insane. Check out the painted green mask pronto. And the animojis – animal emojis that mimic your facial expressions.

3. Wireless charging – goodbye lightning cables and tangled grey wires.

4. The security. Farewell fingerprint ID, hello face recognition. Every. Single. Laughter. Line.

5. The battery. Bigger. No more ordering an Uber just before your phone dies. Yay!


5 reasons not to buy...

 1. Your bank account. The cheaper version costs £999 – 25% more expensive in the UK than the USA. An iCon!

2. You have butterfingers. It’s glass, front and back. Go figure. (The average time from purchase to breakage is 10 weeks).

3. They’ve kept those weird white wireless earphones. Ugly, ugly. Makes everyone look like an insurance salesman with a naff microphone earpiece.

4. The Face ID could be as annoying as the fingerprint sensor. More so. Like taking a selfie 80 times a day.

5. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Pre-orders have smashed expectations. Other top tier Androids should not be ignored. Maybe 2017 is the year we should all jump off the Apple cart.


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