5 reasons not to love instagram this month, and 5 reasons we still do

5 reasons not to love instagram this month, and 5 reasons we still do

5 reasons not to love Instagram this month


1. More super-rich crassness – a new account to rival Rich Kids of Instagram (414K), called The Luxury Kids is 103 posts in,  but with 186K followers it’s rising faster than Cristal bubbles.  Lots of gold plate, lion cubs pets and sneering at ‘peasants’.  Step away.  

2. Yet even more sponsored posts.(Mine already arrive every fourth picture).  Instagram revealed last week it has two million advertisers, up from one million in March. And shoppable tags, currently only available in the US (but just you wait), means your bank account will soon be under attack too. Help.

3. It’s hijacking democracy – and your brain.  A brand new ‘poll’  feature allows your followers on Stories to think for you. Farrow and Ball’s Hague Blue or Stiffkey Blue?  Another baby or a kitchen extension?  They vote for you, and it’s not anonymous.  Don’t.

4. Wildlife abuse – the trend for selfies with local animals, up 292% since 2014, is seeing sloths tied to trees and baby gators with their mouths taped shut, the World Animal Protection charity said last week. Desist.

5. Those annoying alogrithms introduced a few months ago that stopped your feed being chronological and made friends disappear? Still not over them.  Grr.

 5 reasons to still love Instagram…

 1. The Conservative party’s feed. (10.2K and slooowly rising).  During the party conference last week, they paid Instagram to bombard people’s feeds with ‘behind the scenes’ shots of Tories at ease.   “Michael Fallon looks like he’s from the failed Politicians exhibition at Madam Tussauds” was one of the more printable comments.  Made everyone feel better about their own posts.

2. Potential cash. You might soon be paid for your Instapics.  An Edinburgh based start-up has just secured £250,000 in seed funding to obtain digital rights to Instagram photographs that commercial companies want.  Kerching! (Well the stock photography market is worth $3bn).

3. The insane Halloween makeup feeds.  Drop down that rabbit hole.

4. The lives of your amusing friends (if the algorithm hasn’t buried them).   Their witty pictures and clever captions keep you going back to that orange/purple lens icon.  (Delete the insufferable #blessed ones right now.)

5. One final word: @baddiewinkle.  She’s got 3.2 million followers, is an 89 year old American granny, refuses to grow up and “has been stealing your man since 1928.”  The world needs more baddies like her.


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