Watch out YouTube - IGTV's coming to get ya

Watch out YouTube - IGTV's coming to get ya

Wait, what?
Instagram TV. In the week that saw the World Health Organisation include "gaming disorder" as a classified disease, Silcon Valley unleashed something else to feed our screen time addiction.

What does it all mean?
It means you'll spend even more time on your phone, because it now allows you to watch and post hour-long videos. A 60 seconds limit has been extended to 60 minutes - the speed of tech is baffling no?

How will it make money?
Instagram founder Kevin Systrom said it's in "no rush to figure that out". Don't believe him - this is a Facebook-owned company. Expect YouTube-like annoying adverts soon.

And YouTube-like annoying stars?
Them too, as each user instantly has his or her own channel. The Fortnite gaming champ Ninja and singer Lele Pons (me neither) came to the launch and Instagram wants to lure personalities like them from YouTube to IGTV.  Even if it hasn't figured out how to pay them just yet.

Let the battle begin.

IGTV will show videos in portrait mode
Which Instagram says is the "natural way" people use their phones. Totes radical.

Plus you can also upload it to your desktop
Which makes us think Instagram's going after Netflix too. Interesting. The war widens.

But won't it make us feel even more depressed? 
Probably. A survey last year ranked Instagram the very worst social media network for mental health. So it launched a wellbeing team which hasn't exactly embraced the survey's recommended “pop-up" trigger warnings when a user reaches harmful levels of usage. Instead it launches more enticements to hook us. 

The Instagram app has just reached one billion users
So revealed founder Kevin Systrom last week at the IGTV launch. He's super happy, obvs, and said: "Our proudest accomplishment is building a thriving community". They're not all thriving Kevin, not all.

It's also launching a widget to measure how much of our lives we've wasted looking at happy, smiley people in sunny climes

And how we can subsequently 'manage' our time.
"Both of those things are deeply important to us," said Systrom. I bet. Especially interesting to IGTV's potential advertisers.

What sort of hour-long films can we expect on IGTV?
Glad you asked. Not so sunny, if this one coming soon by Selena Gomez (No 1 on Instagram with 138m followers) is any indication. It's an incredibly creepy horror film called A Love Story. Just what you want the young teens to be watching in their rooms at night. 

How do I use it?
Discover here. You too could be a multi-million pound IGTV star soon.
Or not.

Systrom confirmed that Instagram's feed won't revert back to being chronological.


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