Hammersmith Pop Up Events

Launching on the 4th April until the 30th, our new pop-up situated in Kings Mall is set to be an interactive space that showcases 'everyday wonder' through carefully curated tech.
Take a break from reality in our three nap/ meditation pods, learn about the latest in mum-tech at one of our talks and let your children discover the world of coding.
Scroll down for the full schedule of SODA events this April.

What better way to celebrate the launch than a good old shindig? Join us on April 4th for a night full of TECH-quila sunrises, a robot mixologist, live product demos and (if it all gets too much) disappear into the adult zen zone.
Bring your kids along to experience the ultimate VR science lesson with Curiscope! Curiscope's Augmented Reality products allow children to explore the world around them in ways they never thought possible! Perfect your youngster aged 12 and under.

Whether you’re on Bumble, Grinder, are sliding into the Instagram DM’s or are just keeping it old school and relying on the art of smouldering eye contact and chat up lines, it can’t be denied the rise of dating apps, social media and online dating websites have had a huge impact on our game.

How has this effected our confidence, mental health and inhibitions and has romance really been replaced by Netflix and chill? (nooooo)

Join us as we delve deep into the issues that surround dating in the digital age with @kayleighdanielsdated and ambassador Hayley Quinn

Make your very own DIY speaker! We'll give you a Berlin Boombox to customise your very own Berlin Boombox to take home with you. 

The Berlin Boombox is for everyone! It works with every smartphone, because it connects to your device’s headphone jack or via Bluetooth. You can also connect your laptop, computer, tablet, phablet, gaming console, turntable or even your vintage gameboy.

Assembly is easy and takes only a couple of minutes. You don't need any geeky knowledge, no glue or tools to build the Berlin Boombox. We'll guide you step-by-step to complete your first DIY speaker.

Swap those flares for active wear and get ready to bust some moves during your lunch hour as we boogie away in SODA’s new Hammersmith space. We will also let you try out a pair of our colourful Bala Bangle fitness weights, designed to increase heart rate, burn fat and build muscle.

This class will be run by the lovely Sophie from Disco Barre Studio, a brand new barre studio in the heart of Dalston, Hackney, London’s most vibrant area.

Hannah from Let's Move will be delivering a nutrition presentation around energy balance, food prep and debunking common nutrition myths followed by a Q&A. You can utilise this time to have a 1:1 after to discuss nutrition.

Anna is our yogic secret weapon - she breathes and lives yoga in everything she does. With her young years she has a wealth of experience of 15 years+, and started by teaching herself as a teenager in her Cyprus home. A true expert in her field, she has taught around the world and since joining Let’s Move, is helping office-workers in London de-stress. Join us for a dynamic yoga class that will leave you feeling energised and ready for the weekend. 

Baby tech - how much is too much? We discuss what works best for you at this exhausting and exhilarating time in women’s lives. The revolutionary tech company Elvie, which recently released a silent hands-free breast pump, joins mum influencer Alice J-T and author of the Back-up Plan to debate what works and what doesn’t at this stressful, time-poor time. Join us.

Join influencer and content creator Georgie Birch, AKA BirchBowl who beyond her own foodie and travel Instagram account, has created content for the likes of STA Travel, Doughnut Time, Sweat + Sound and many more.

She'll take you through some of the best apps to help take your buisness or even your personal Instagram to the next level. Whether you're yet to sign up or have had an account from the beginning, Georgie will give you the tricks of the trade to make sure your Insta game is strong.    

Join mum influencer and American-in-London Lauren Bryan Knight for a lively debate on this thorny subject. Contributing to the discussion will be Tarika Marshall from the start-up Goozby - a digital buddy that sits on your device, nudges you to take breaks and rewards staying on track with positive behaviour. Also Jackie Annesley from SODA, who has three teenagers at various stages of screen addiction.   
Leroy from Let's Move has over 10 years experience in meditation as well as yoga-nidra and working with the subtle human energy field in private healing sessions. He will begin the class with a short introduction about meditation with room for questions, before guiding the group into meditation through sound. We have truly never met anyone like him - if his talents won’t help you in meditation and relaxation, nothing will.

We kindly ask you to turn up promptly for this class to not disturb meditation for others once it has begun, and if leaving early to leave quietly.

Darren from Let's Move has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which he is looking forward to sharing with you this week. He adds dynamic movement to his sessions to make sure you leave feeling your leg, back and core muscles working. He will take care in aligning you and guiding participants through the movements, and his breadth of qualifications include Balance Body Spine Corrector so he will help out those sore backs too.
Working in pairs, students will build a bitbot, a wireless racing car using the Little Bits Gadget and Gizmos kit! During the workshop, students will learn how to build circuits and how to use Input and Output pieces wisely. Working in pairs, students will build a bitbot, a wireless racing car using the Little Bits Gadget and Gizmos kit. They will be able to test their car (and driving abilities) during an obstacle race at the end of the workshop.

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