8 things you probably didn't know about vibrators

The infamous Rabbit was originally made in Japan

A country that celebrates the ‘kawaii’ it should come as no surprise that the Japanese invented a sex toy that looks like a fluffy animal. The strict laws against vibrators meant they had to be disguised using bright colours and an animal-shape. Japanese, I thank you!


Your vocals and vibrator are linked

Ever dreamt of becoming the next Beyonce? Well your vibrator may just help you get there. According to the Vibrating Voice Technique, by holding a vibrator up to your vocal chords it can enhance vocal resonance and reduce the chances of vocal fatigue. A multi-use item…I like it!


How will it feel? Use your nose

It’s said the best way to test how a vibrator might feel down below is to use the tip of your nose, as it’s equally as sensitive.


Sex toys are kind of a big deal in the UK

A recent survey showed that 48% of the UK public own sex toys. And those aged 45-54 claim to own the most. #stillgotit


50 shades of YAY

After the success of 50 Shades of Grey, sex toy sales were said to have increased by 50%. You can even pick up a vibrating ring in the aisles of US department store Target.


Recessions can’t touch the sex toy industry

In the last recession, sex toy sales actually boomed due to a decrease in price, more online retailers and a generation that has a lot more life-dramas to deal with. So, if you’re broke and stressed, at least you can trust your vibrator to show you a good time. As after all a vibrator is for life not just for Christmas.


Vibrators for overall wellbeing 

From the 1880s to 1920s vibrators were advertised as some kind of miracle gadget not just to be used on the lady-parts. Images showed women using them on their face, neck and chest and were said to relieve stress, clear blemishes, give women a rosy glow and reduce wrinkles.


Diamonds are forever

The most expensive sex toy is made from white gold, encrusted with 117 diamonds and will you back a mere $55,000, eek! Still, I reckon we’re worth it…

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